Donate Now 3Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful’s Mission in Action

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Inc. was founded in 1988 and has grown to be the area’s recognized leader in volunteer-based community action programs directed at neighborhood and community improvement. Our efforts are directed in four specific areas of service:

    • Individual Involvement: More than 1400 volunteers are involved each year in local, hands-on community improvement projects and activities where they find productive solutions to local problems and take personal responsibility for improving and beautifying their own neighborhoods.


    • Education: Each year Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful volunteers, often retired teachers, take the message of the Three R’s into area elementary schools, both public and private. By educating children as early as the Pre-K in the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we touch the leaders of tomorrow with a message that will become a part of their life style. Each year thousands of elementary age children are reached with the important environmental message. Educational programs are also presented to adult groups, civic groups, college students, community leaders and elected officials.


    • Local Partnerships: Every manufacturer, retail business, government entity, social service agency and non-profit organization draws upon the community for its livelihood and, in turn, owes an obligation to return something to the community it thrives in. We believe that the formation of local partnerships between all these entities creates a stronger bond for the community to grow on. We have a unique situation in the Stateline area with the melding of so many local governmental units. Through individual and corporate partnerships and ongoing strategic alliances with private citizens, businesses and local interest groups we are able to focus on the larger concerns which affect us all.


  • Volunteerism: Engaging volunteers who are willing to roll their sleeves up and pitch in when and where they are needed is the force that makes our mission a reality. Annually we enlist thousands of volunteers to clean up, beautify and improve neighborhoods, creating a healthier, safer and more viable community environment.

As a recognized local leader in issues that directly affect quality of life, Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful works with businesses, schools, neighborhood groups and local governments to enhance our neighborhoods and to reduce, reuse and recycle our world’s resources for future generations.