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Crayons Accepted Year-Round at Recycle Centers

Kids love coloring. Millions of wax crayons are worn out every year because kids color in books, on the walls, the floor, wherever they can be artful.

So what happens to all the used or unneeded crayons? Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful thinks the broken pieces and stubs can have a second life!

At the close of each school year (May 15 – June 15) we encourage crayon collections at home and schools while cleaning out backpacks and art supply bins.

Volunteers strip the paper from each crayon and sort by color. Your family, Scout troop or day care group can do this, too.

Next, volunteers melt the stubs in double-boilers and recast them using candy molds into interesting shapes:  trucks, cars, dinosaurs, flowers, stars and more.

These second-time-around crayons are distributed by the thousands through our classroom education program as an example of the life cycle of recycled materials.

You can help any time of year.

For a collection sign, or if you would like to volunteer to melt and remold these crayons,

please email the Volunteer Coordinator at or call 815-637-1343.

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