Crayons – Recycling

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The Next Crayon Collection is
June 1 thru 15, 2015.

Kids love their coloring books. Millions of crayons are worn out every year because kids love coloring in their books, on the walls, the floor, wherever they can find to be artful. So what happens to all the unused crayons? Should they wind up buried in the local landfill? Here at Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful we don ‘t think so!

At the close of each school year (June 1 – 15) we accept the crayons collected in various schools and classrooms. Volunteers will strip the paper from each crayon and then they are sorted by color. Other volunteers will then melt down the stubs and recast them in interesting shapes; cars, dinosaurs, flowers, etc.

These recast crayons, now fully useable again, are then distributed to lower grade children by the thousands when we do programs in their classrooms. These old used up crayons re-enforce the message that children, too, can be environmentally helpful.

If you would like to volunteer to melt & remold these crayons, please call (815) 637-1343 for dates and information or click the Volunteer tab at the top of the page.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Update:  09/04/14