Great American Cleanup

Every Spring the Stateline area joins thousands of communities across the U.S. in the Great American Cleanup and we need your help!  The 2013 Great American Cleanup in Winnebago County took place on Saturday, April 26, 2014.  1,354 local residents participated on a sunny day and gave 5,416hours of time to clean up over 338 miles of area streets and roads.  In the process they removed over 40 Tons of litter from the streets.

The Great American Cleanup is the nation’s largest annual community improvement program.

The 2015 Great American Cleanup in Winnebago County will be April 25, 2015.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful was recently congratulated by the President of Keep America Beautiful for having continuously led the Great American Cleanup in Winnebago County for the past 27 years.

This is the time for mobilizing the entire community, one neighborhood at a time. Whether you and your neighbors just want to do some spring cleanup or you have in mind a project of a larger nature, the GAC is the time to do it. Sponsored nationwide by Keep America Beautiful, this project reaches into every city from coast to coast down to millions of local neighborhoods, church groups, garden clubs, businesses, neighborhood groups and just plain folks who care about the street they live on.

Projects run the full range of clean up, fix up, paint up to full community efforts to beautify a whole city. Groups are encouraged to find an area in their own neighborhood that may need to be tidied up or have some flowers or trees planted.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful organizes the hundreds of volunteers who clean up throughout Winnebago County. We partner with the leadership of Winnebago County and various communities around the county, from New Milford to South Beloit.  As volunteers sign up with us to work we assign them to work in areas and communities near them.

So, What can YOU do?

The 2015 Great American Cleanup in Winnebago County has been scheduled for Saturday, April 25th. Calling Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful at (815) 637-1343 after January 15th will register your efforts as part of the Great American Cleanup. Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful will also make available gloves and trash pickup bags for volunteers. The Great American Cleanup runs from April 1st through May 31st annually in the Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful service area but the Great Winnebago County Cleanup occurs on the last Saturday in April each year.

Last Update:  05/16/2014