Metals and Electronics Recycling


Metals and Electronics

Most metals, electronics and computers can be taken to the Recycle Centers located in Rockford and Roscoe.

Effective January 1, 2012, electronic devices may no longer be disposed of in landfills in Illinois. They must be disposed of through a collector/recycler/refurbisher licensed and approved by the State of Illinois. Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful has been an approved collector of electronic devices since 2010.

In 2015, Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful recycled more than 80 tons of metals and electronics. Since its first Metals Drive in 1998, more than 3.25 million pounds of metal, household appliances and electronics have been collected to re-use resources, prevent pollution and prolong landfill life.

Electronic items accepted include VCRs, cell phones, small appliances, stereo equipment and computers — including the CPU, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. Nearly 100% of the components of each computer are recycled.


Click here for television and computer CRT monitor disposal.


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