Bags – Paper / Plastic

Paper or Plastic – The Great Debate –

Should we be using paper or plastic bags?  Click for more information

 If you can carry the items that you are purchasing at a grocery or drug store, then do you really need to use a bag? Durable cloth, reusable bags are readily available in many places including grocery stores.  Purchase one or more and keep in your car for all of your shopping needs.

For Reuse of Plastic Bags

Try one of the following places who may use your clean plastic bags in their programs:

Plastic bags can be reused in many ways.   Click to learn how.

For Recycling of Plastic Bags

The following businesses provide collection containers for plastic bags:

  • Schnucks Markets
  • Kohl’s Department Stores
  • Logli Supermarkets
  • Target Department Stores
  • Wal-Mart Stores
  • Woodman’s Supermarkets
  • Best Buy

 For Reusing Paper Bags

  • Reuse them on your next shopping trip
  • Wrap packages
  • Make book covers
  • Collect newspapers for recycling
  • Use for storing items by taping closed, write contents on outside

For Recycling Paper Bags

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