CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray

For Resourcing:

CD Source

Address:          221 E. State St, Rockford
Phone:             815-963-2842
Comments:      Buys, sells and trades used commercially-produced CDs, DVDs, Records, Cassette and VHS tapes

Disc Replay

Address:           6241 E. State St, Rockford
Phone:              815-227-0532
Comments:       Buys, sells and trades used CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and video games

Thrift Stores:

Most thrift stores will accept donations of commercial CDs, DVDs and video games in good condition.

Crusader Thrift Shop


Salvation Army


Mission Mart

For Recycling:

Recycle videotapes and floppy disks.  See website for details


Last Update:  10/5/15

Recycles CD, DVD and hard drives. You pay shipping costs. See website for details.