Dehumidifiers contain the coolant Freon, a substance which can contaminate the groundwater and is poisonous to humans and pets.  It is illegal to place dehumidifiers in the garbage.  It is illegal to evacuate Freon onto the ground.

When purchasing a new appliance ask the retailer if they will take the old one and dispose of it safely.

For Reuse:

Salvage Too/Rockford Re-Use Center

For Recycling:

Some businesses in the Rockford area are licensed to properly remove and dispose of Freon from dehumidifiers and other appliances (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners).  Call to determine if your dealer is properly licensed.  Once the Freon has been safely removed the item can then be recycled for scrap.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful will accept dehumidifiers, freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners at the Metals and Electronics Drives.  There is a fee of $10 each item for safely removing and disposing of the Freon.

Last Update:  01/20/12