Computers & Electronics

The Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act prohibits disposing of unwanted electronics in regular trash for burial in landfills starting Jan. 1, 2012.  The following is a complete list of items banned from landfills:

Computers ( laptop, notebook, netbook, tablet, desktop )
Electronic Keyboards
Facsimile Machines
Videocassette Recorders
Portable Digital Music Players
Digital Video Disc Players
Video Game Consoles
Small Scale Servers
Electronic Mice
Digital Converter Boxes
Cable Receivers
Satellite Receivers
Digital Video Disc Recorders
Eligible Electronic Devices
Cell Phones
Portable Digital Assistant (PDA)
Computer Cables
Zip Drives

These products typically contain many valuable metals that can be recycled. A list of registered electronic waste (e-waste) collection sites and information for manufacturers, collectors, recyclers, and refurbishers is available on the Electronic Waste Recycling page.

Most computer monitors include a (cathode ray) picture tube that contains from 4-8 pounds of lead and other hazardous and toxic substances such as cadmium, chromium, and mercury.  Disposal of these items are closely controlled by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Virtually every part and component of a computer or other electronic device can be recycled or reused!
Printers, keyboards, mice, scanners, etc. are included.

For Reuse:

Computers for Schools / IL. Growth Enterprises

For Resale:


Salvation Army

Salvage Too/Rockford Reuse Center



For Recycling in Winnebago County:

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful

For Recycling in Boone County:

Creative Recycling
9759 IL Rte 76
Belvidere, IL

For Recycling in Stephenson County:

Moring Disposal
657 N. Van Buren Rd.
Freeport, IL
Last Update:  04/11/14