Paper, Magazines & Catalogs

Paper of all kinds can be recycled:  Letters, junk mail. catalogs (slick paper), magazines, greeting cards, etc.

Important documents and papers should not be disposed of in the recycling.  Please refer to Document Destruction/Shredding for more information.

Curbside Recycling:

All sorts of paper can be placed together for curbside recycling.  All items should be placed in a paper bag (like a grocery bag) and placed in the recycling bin provided by your trash hauling service.

Other Recycling:

For residents who are not served by a curbside recycling service, paper of all kinds should be placed together in a paper bag (like a grocery bag) and may be taken to:

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycling Center

In addition, commercial paper recycling is available at

Paper Recovery
7972 Crest Hills Dr.
Loves Park, 61111


Super Shredders
3206 North Central Ave.