Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are not all the same.  Different products require a different kind of plastic bottle to contain them.

In the Rockford Area plastic bottles labeled #1 – 7  are recyclable curbside by Rock River Disposal.  All other types of plastic bottles, though they may be collected by trash haulers, will wind up in the landfill.

Your plastic bottles should be placed in the blue recycling bin (for blue recycling bins call (815)965-2489).

As a result of China’s ban on accepting recyclables, announced on January 1, 2018, Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful will temporarily not accept plastic, paper and glass at the 4665 Hydraulic Road facility. In addition the KNIB Roscoe Recycle facility will be closing after Saturday, April 27, 2019.  For  a full list of what is still accepted, please click on the button below.

Last Update:  4/19/19