The Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act prohibits disposing of unwanted electronics in regular trash for burial in landfills starting Jan. 1, 2012.

These products typically contain many valuable metals that can be recycled. A list of registered electronic waste (e-waste) collection sites and information for manufacturers, collectors, recyclers, and refurbishers is available on the Electronic Waste Recycling page.

Televisions are included in this ban and must be properly disposed of. 

For Reuse:

For Recycling:

Some retailers will dispose of your old TV when you have a new one delivered.

In this day of do-it-yourself, many people bring home a new TV and have no way of legally disposing of the old one.
There is only one retailer in the Rockford area, licensed by the State,who will accept TV’s for recycling without the purchase of a new one:

Best Buy

Address:             281 Deane Drive, Rockford
Phone:                815-395-8405   
Hours:                 Call for information
Comments:         Will take TVs up to 32″.  Call for specific details.
Charges:             $10.00 fee charged with a $10.00 store certificate given in return.

Kelly-Williamson Mobile

Address:         8061 East State Street at Lyford Road, Rockford
Phone:            815-332-4036  Please Call Before Going
Near Clock Tower Resort
Place in large blue bin


Address:        550 Southrock Drive, Rockford
Phone:            815-966-1351   Please Call Before Going
South Main just north of Bypass 20 interchange
Place in large blue bin


9759 Illinois Route 76
Belvidere, Illinois 61008
Office Phone: 815-544-2066
Call for further information

Other licensed companies may provide this recycling service without the purchase of a new unit.  If you are aware of one please let us know (call 815-637-1343) so we may verify the information and add their name to this list.

Partially Disassembled TVs:
TV parts or partially disassembled unit  may only be disposed of in the e-waste bin  at the Mobile Gas Station, 8061 E. State St., Rockford,  across from the ClockTower Resort

Last Update: 04/16/14