Who We Are

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Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Inc. is a private, non-government, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to educating and involving individuals in productive solutions that care for our stateline community environment.

Since 1988, Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Inc. has been engaged in educating, developing public awareness and providing service to the citizens of northern Illinois with regard to the abatement of litter, the preservation of our local resources and the management of solid waste.
Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful encourages individuals and community groups to work together and become mutually accountable to each other for doing their part in making and keeping their community a cleaner, happier and healthier place to live.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful works with businesses, schools, neighborhood groups and local governments to enhance our neighborhoods and to reduce, reuse and recycle our world’s resources for future generations.

Our Mission: To improve our environment through education, public awareness and community involvement.

We are always looking for Volunteers to help maintain our programs. We encourage individuals, groups, and families to take some time and give back to our community.

For more information, click Get Involved! or call (815) 637-1343.KNIB 25th Anniversary Logo

Last Update: 05/14/14