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The School Code of Illinois, amended Jan.1, 1990, has mandated that “in every public school there shall be instruction, study and discussion of current problems and need in the conservation of natural resources, including, but not limited to air pollution, water pollution, waste reduction and recycling, the effects of excessive use of pesticides, preservation of wilderness areas, forest management, protection of wildlife and humane care of domestic animals.” The Winnebago County Solid Waste Management Plan established in 1991 presents a call ” to provide education materials describing ways that residents can recycle and reduce the amount of solid waste they produce. ”

Since 1991 Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful has been carrying the waste reduction, anti-litter and environmental conservation message into area schools, both public and private. Annually, about 2,000 children are presented with this message through programs conducted in their school classroom by retired teachers employed by Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful. We are thus able to reach children in their most impressionable years and, hopefully, start them on a life-long adventure of energy and environmental conservation.

In addition to the verbal message, designed to reach the specific age group from pre-school to 3rd grade, the children are presented with recycled items (Pencils, remolded crayons, rulers, etc.) which re-enforce the concept that Reduction of waste, Reuse of items and Recycling of those which cannot be reused, is a viable option in our world.

In addition to teaching children about the impact they and their families can make on the environment, we also help our schools fulfill the state requirement to provide environmental education on pollution, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, the need for conservation of resources, the effects of excessive use of pesticides, preservation of wilderness areas, and protection of wildlife.

Teachers and schools interested in presenting this approved message to their classes may contact Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful at (815) 637-1343 to schedule one of our trained and qualified presenters.  Programs are available for children through the 6th Grade level.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful staff also presents the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle message to about 500 adults in various presentations to church groups, service clubs, etc.


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