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Weather Closings for Safety of Volunteers

Please check Facebook or call 815-637-1343 to check for closing when

Heat index will be 95 degrees or higher  –  Wind Chill is 0 degrees or cooler
Severe Storm (thunderstorm, lightning, tornado possible, snow or ice storm, hard rain/wind) is predicted or present

Rockford Recycle Center*, 4665 Hydraulic Road
This is the only location now accepting TVs/Monitors
Public Hours:  2-5 p.m. Tuesdays & 9 a.m.-Noon Saturdays
Free disposal of up to 2 Televisions or Computer Monitors (CRTs) per vehicle,
TV parts or partially disassembled units included. 
You must be able to lift and place units in designated bin as directed. Bring help if needed. 

Rockford Recycle Center also accepts appliances containing refrigerant (Freon); $20 fee per appliance to remove freon (cash only)

Roscoe Recycle Center: 13125 North 2nd Street
Public Hours:  9-Noon Saturdays only
Roscoe Recycle Center DOES NOT accept TVs, Computer Monitors, or Freon Appliances.


Thanks to

Sponsor of Both Recycle Centers

And other in-kind donors and business partners who make this effort possible.

This is an all-volunteer project. You can make a difference!
Your help for two hours or more would be appreciated.

To participate in keeping Northern Illinois beautiful and safe,

call the Volunteer Coordinator at 815-637-1343 

or sign up online HERE for Roscoe; HERE for Rockford

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Items Accepted/Not Accepted at Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycle Centers

Material Accepted Not Accepted
Glass Clean food and beverage containers without lids Not accepting items that are not clean; broken glass; light bulbs; drinking glasses; mirrors; cookware; vases; tableware.
Aluminum/Tin/Steel Food Containers Clean human or pet food cans, foil sheets or containers (separated from large metals). Not accepting items that are not clean; not used for food; aerosols; used for oil, paint or petroleum products, etc.
Plastic Bottles Clean bottles, without lids, coded #1 or #2, which must have “necks and shoulders.” Not accepting items that are not clean; lids; automotive or petroleum-based fluid containers; pails; buckets; items coded #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 or not coded.
(prefer in paper bags)
Newspapers; magazines; mail; computer paper; phone books; paper bags; chipboard (cereal/cracker/shoe boxes); 12-count egg cartons; soft-covered books; wire-ring notebooks; book pages without covers. Not accepting items that are not clean; wax-coated or foil-coated paper; hard-covered books; gift wrap; paper beverage containers; pizza boxes, including you-cook or frozen pizza; photographs; tissue; or wet paper.
Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, flattened, other packaging removed. Not accepting pizza boxes, including you-cook or frozen pizza; items that are not clean; Styrofoam; wet cardboard.
Electronics; Electrical Cords; Holiday Lights Computer processing units (CPUs); hard drives; laptops; electronic games; keyboards; printers; scanners; tablets; readers; fax machines; phones; cell phones; lamps; curling irons; counter-top grills; toaster ovens; power cords; surge protectors; more.

ROCKFORD location only:

TVs; CRT computer or flat-screen monitors.


Not accepting Smoke Detectors or Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Metals/Appliances Scrap metal; gutters; appliances; microwaves; washers; dryers; stoves; fencing; copper tubing; tools; lawn mowers with oil and gas drained; motors; water heaters; more.

The following FREON appliances accepted ONLY at Rockford

$20 cash fee per item,

you unload:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Water Coolers
Not accepting hazardous waste; paint cans; aerosol cans; propane tanks; fire extinguishers; household batteries.
Clothing, Linens, Shoes, Purses, more — in plastic bags Clean items in plastic bags, wearable or not, including shoes, belts, hats, bedding, stuffed toys, curtains, throw rugs, purses, soft-sided luggage. Not accepting plastic hangers.

(Metal hangers should be removed before dropping off clothing and may be recycled separately with metals.)

Please do not drop off clothing in boxes.

Not accepting carpet or padding.

Miscellaneous 12-count Egg Cartons.

Batteries — 12-volt automotive or marine only.

Plastic 6-Pack Rings

Not accepting 6- or 18-count egg cartons unless paper/chipboard.

Not accepting household or commercial batteries.

Not accepting printer ink or toner cartridges.





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